1. The Manticores - “Battle Rosa”

    New single. Shoegazey electronic pop.


    Electronic pop, shoegaze


  2. White Denim - “At Night Dreams”

    Blistering throwback rock track. New album will be out soon and they will be on tour with Tame Impala /  Flaming Lips this fall.




  3. Tilbury - “Northern Comfort”

    Moody and melancholy “Northern Comfort” is the first single off Tilbury’s upcoming album.


    indie pop, end of the world


  4. Local Wizards - “Thorns”

    Mix slacker vocals over distorted kick drums and sprinkle in some simple piano runs and you’ve got the basis for this track “Thorns”. These parts all come together to create a simple but catchy indie pop song.  


    Indie pop, slacker


  5. Tashaki Miyaki - “I Can’t Stand The Rain”

    Sounding a bit like an overdose of cough syrup this reverb drenched dream pop cover is a fantastic track to float away on.


    dream pop, valium


  6. Pawws - “Outside”

    Guilty pleasure of the week. Close your eyes and queue 80’s ice skating scene. 


    electro pop, 80’s sugar 


  7. Programm - “Everything At Once”

    Minimalism from Programm, a Toronto based post punk / shoegaze band.


     shoegaze / post punk


  8. TRAAMS - “Foxes”

    B side indie rock track by TRAAMS. So far I like these guys approach… catchy hooks and high energy which “Foxes” captures perfectly. 


    indie rock


  9. Teen - “Big Talk”

    Psych tinged shoegazey track with fluttering folksy female vocals. Teen is combining some good elements here.


    indie pop


  10. Doldrums - “I Hear Music!”

    Sounding a bit like a song that stutters between collapsing in on itself and then finding it’s footing, this is a great piece of modern pop.


    indie pop, experimental


  11. High Dart - “Holograms”

    There is beauty to be found in between the obtuse structures of High Dart’s songs. Also check out their soundcloud page to find one the best cover’s of Rick James Super Freak I think I’ve ever heard.


    valium pop, experimental


  12. Star Horse - “Magic Light”

    Nice shoegaze track from the band Star Horse out of Stockholm off their new EP Devour.




  13. Hibou - “Sunder”



    First single off upcoming EP. Head over to a soundcloud for a free download while they last.


  14. Outfit - “I Want What’s Best”


    electronic psych pop 

    I love tracks that effortlessly blend genres into blissful ear candy. This track off Outfit’s debut LP does this perfectly.


  15. Germans - “Cruel”


    pop disco

    Germans is the alias of Julia Kwamya. She’s in Brooklyn currently working on her debut EP which will be “ready when it’s ready”. In the meantime she has dropped this nice summer jam.